Double Chin

There is not necessarily a major health concern for sufferers of double chins but it can be a huge blow to the self esteem and make people feel very self conscious. A double chin may be the result of aging, being overweight or gaining weight rapidly but even some slender people have a fat store under the chin which results in a double chin.

The fat below the chin is submental fat which can be a slight to severe problem. It is not as easy to lose this fat under the chin through a healthy diet and exercise as it might be to lose body fat. It may also require a surgical procedure if a healthy lifestyle has not made a difference to the appearance of a double chin. Most sufferers however want a non-surgical and easy solution regardless of the severity of the fat store which is why we offer an effective treatment.

Kybella is an effective solution to a double chin problem. It leaves patients feeling younger, lighter and more confident with their new shape and contour of their chin. It is important to have one of our professionals administer the treatment in order to reap the rewards and see real results as it is a prescription medicine only meant for adults’ use.

How Kybella Treats Double Chins

Kybella is injected into the area below the chin where the fat is stored through multiple tiny injections. Its active ingredient then destroys the fat cells and leaves the area noticeably leaner. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer accumulate any fat or store fat which means this treatment is not necessary for the long term.

When the desired amount of fat cells has been destroyed and the patient has reached their desired goal, no more treatments are necessary.
The active ingredient is called synthetic deoxycholic acid which a natural occurring molecule found in the body. Its role is to aid with breaking down and absorption of the dietary fibre.

Reduce Chin Fat Effectively

We ensure overall satisfaction of all of our patients which is why we offer effective treatments that are affordable, non-surgical and have no recovery time. This is an easy process but it does require a consultation session to determine the severity of the double chin problem and the number of treatments that are necessary for overall results. Each session is around 15 to 20 minutes long and it is imperative that the Kybella only be administered by a professional.

Every single patient is different so the treatment process is different for everyone but treatments are typically given one month apart for anyone needing more than one session. Patients do not really need more than six sessions at the most either which means it is not a long painstaking journey to a leaner and shapelier chin.
A patient’s ideal goal for reducing their double chin is a personal choice but the entire customized treatment process will guide them through to the best possible results.

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