Hair Tricopigmentation

Hair Tricopigmentation is often referred to as temporary Micro Pigmentation of the scalp. A permanent Micro Pigmentation will often require that the patient has a touch-up every now and then. Once done, this pigment will remain in your skin for about ten years.

Traditionally, Tricopigmentation is redone after every 12 to 18 months. Many patients deem it the better and safer option prior to having a long-term Micro Pigmentation treatment. There are, however, many patients that opt to have Tricopigmentation treatment as a long-term measure and just have regular touch ups.

The fact that there is a temporary procedure is motivation for many people to address their current hair loss issues. Their motivation stems from the fact that Tricopigmentation is simple and, as such, convenient for a person who is yet to be convinced about permanent Micro Pigmentation.

With the temporary procedure, people who feel uneasy about permanent options will have a way out of it. This is because the pigments will only hold for a few weeks before they can start fading on their own, thereby doing away with the anxiety that may stem from making such a life-altering decision.