Spider Veins

What Are spider Veins?

Spider veins, otherwise known as Telangiectasias, are small and thin blood vessels that are visible beneath the skin. They typically appear on the face and the legs as a series of branch or web shaped lines with a darker colored center. almost half of the adult female population in America are affected by spider veins.

Simple and Effective Treatment for Spider Veins 

While spider veins are essentially harmless, they do tend to make people feel self conscious. Laser treatment is one of the more effective treatments that combat spider veins. The laser has unique technology that is safely passed through the skin to target the spider veins. The targeted area absorbs the laser light which in turn reduces the spider vein. Gradually, the spider veins disappear while the skin remains intact. It is uncommon to find any side effects with this treatment and only a mild sensitivity to the area and slight redness will remain for a few days following the spider vein laser treatment.