Skin Rejuvenation

There are a number of ways to rejuvenate the skin, but for treatments that show immediate results, photo-rejuvenation is the way to go.

Photo-rejuvenation targets the skin’s old cells leading to slight clotting and necrosis of the dermal and epidermal layers. The body then responds to this process by naturally creating new cells, thereby causing a rejuvenation and renewal of the treated skin.

This treatment stimulates collagen production which results in an outstanding and striking difference in the skin’s tone and texture. You will notice instant results with fewer wrinkles and pigmentation. Your skin will be instantly rejuvenated and renewed.

In less than 15 minutes, your skin will look clearer, fresher and more youthful. The photo-rejuvenation treatment will make you look and feel fantastic. It is the perfect treatment to brighten your skin for any special occasion. In addition, after just one treatment, makeup applications go on smoother!