Crows Feet

Crow’s Feet

The skin around the eye area is delicate and more susceptible to fine lines and wrinkles which are a normal part of the aging process. Crow’s feet are the lines that spread from the outer corners of the eye.

These lines are deepened over time through aging as common facial expressions cause the tiny muscles to contract. Sun exposure, smoking, not getting enough hydration and poor diets are some of the other reasons why crow’s feet become more apparent.

Whether the crow’s feet are fine lines that mostly appear while smiling or are deeper lines that are visible at all times, there are a variety of treatments that reduce them and, in some instances, reverse them altogether.

Minimize the Signs of Crow’s Feet

We offer a variety of treatments that assist in reducing or reversing crow’s feet. A consultation session is needed to determine the severity of the wrinkles and the best course of treatment. All treatments we offer are non-invasive, non-surgical and have little to no recovery time.

A course of treatment designed to reduce or reverse crow’s feet entirely depends on a number of factors but each session is quick and as pain free as possible. The number of sessions needed is determined in the consultation and depending on severity and type treatment, it could be one or more sessions that are needed.

The Best Treatment Procedures

Botox is one of the more popular treatments for crow’s feet and it is an affordable option. It has been proven to be quite effective at combating crow’s feet in patient’s ranging from 30 to 50 years of age because it works best when the fine lines and wrinkles are in their early stages of development.

Botox is an injectable treatment process that causes the muscles that are injected to contract a lot less than usual. This dramatically reduces the appearance of crow’s feet and possibly removes them completely during the course of its effectiveness. What it does relax the muscles and smooth out the skin.

Botox treatment is a quick process and the effects last around three months. It is beneficial to continue treatments for the full effect. There are times, depending on severity, when Botox is used in conjunction with other forms of treatment such as laser therapies.

Laser resurfacing is another popular and affordable treatment for crow’s feet. The treatment works to remove the top layers of skin to reveal new and younger looking skin. The reason it is an effective treatment for crow’s feet is because it heats multiple layers of skin which promotes the production of collagen.

Other types of treatment for crow’s feet include chemical peels. There are different grades of chemicals used depending on the severity of the wrinkled skin. The chemical peel treatment works to remove the top layer of skin which is then replaced with new and younger looking skin.

Every treatment has its own level of effectiveness but we ensure to give all patients suffering from crow’s feet the best possible solution to their problem.

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