Our Great City

Welcome to Columbus, GA the magical city filled with fun activities for you and your family. There are no better words to describe this incredible place other than amazing. The mix between fun outdoor activities and relaxation makes this place the ideal location for any tourist seeking to experience art, culture, fun and relaxation, all in one basket.

The city has numerous coffee joints that make incredibly perfectly coffee to keep you energized for all the activities the city has to offer, uptown restaurants like Epic which extrude the culture in the city from the locally made to perfection cuisines that will leave you salivating and full of anticipation for the next activity.

There are as many activities that you can indulge. Among them are:


Get to enjoy a vast range of activities for you and your family from kayaking to rafting the wild waters with a group of friends or
family. The river surely welcomes you to the city giving you a spectacular view of both horizons on the West and the East.

Other activities include:

Zip lining

As you overlook the vast scenery of the clear waters of the river and the vast greenery that surrounds the entire city. It’s surely breathtaking.

Biking riding

Simply hire a bike from the ride on bike store which has a variety of high quality bikes to ensure your safety as you take a ride along the vast river. You may decide to go on a romantic ride with your partner or simply make it a group activity with your entire family. The options are open just so that they can fit your needs and help you enjoy yourself.

This river is simply irresistible. An evening stroll after a day full of activities could just be what you need to relax. With beautiful lighting along the river walk and a cool breeze blowing across your face, it is definitely worth a try. It will surely be one hell of a memory that will surely be difficult to erase.


This museum is located in Mid town. It is a white building with an ancient feel to it. As you enter the building you are welcomed by the water rush from the classy spring of water that lays right at the front of the entrance. It is truly magical.


Now, if you love eating, this is destination was created just for you. There are tons of places to eat all sorts of delicacies at five different amazing spot at a fairly cheap rate of only $19.95 and $29.95 for one car and two cars respectively. If this is not amazing, I really don’t know what


You will have a guide who will take you on a tour around the entire city, ensure you visit the Historic Liberty District, historic cemeteries and the four historic districts and the Battlefield, Downtown. I tell you Columbus GA should be the next destination for you; I assure you will not regret it.

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