Volume Restoration

Wrinkled hands are a part of aging and many wish to reduce the wrinkles but don’t know how to. A dermal filler is, by far, the best treatment. RADIESSE is a dermal filler proven to improve the appearance of aging hands. It is designed to restore the lost volume in the back of the hands, leaving natural-looking results.

RADIESSE is FDA-approved and is the first and only safe dermal filler used for restoring lost volume in the hands.

Instant and Lasting Results

The special RADIESSE formula lifts areas of the skin suffering from folds and deep wrinkles, and reduces them to give the hands a youthful and reinvigorated look. In time, the benefits of using RADIESSE increase by inducing or stimulating the natural collagen of the body.

Other positive effects of RADIESSE include:

  • • Fast, in-office treatment
  • • It helps give your hands a more youthful look
  • • Delivers smooth, natural results that last up to a year in most patients
  • • It effectively reduces the presence of veins and tendons on your hands

Hands Before & After