Skin Tightening

We understand your skincare concerns and have developed a powerful new system to give you the best results. We provide innovative, non-surgical procedures with our new CORE technology which ensures that you receive the most convenient and effective skin tightening RF treatment available.

The entire treatment process is risk and pain-free with no recovery time. The results are amazing and you will notice the difference in the appearance of your skin after the very first session. The treatment session, approximately 10 to 30 minutes, is done in a non-invasive manner which means you will be able to return to your daily activities right after.

Our skin tightening treatments produce incredible results. It doesn’t matter if your skin issues are caused by sunburn; pregnancy; genetics, or a poor diet, our CORE technology treatments will dramatically alter your skins appearance without the need for a surgical procedure. Beautiful skin will also help to restore your self-esteem by changing the way you feel. The RF treatments we use are fast, safe and highly effective.