Genetics, trauma, childbirth, weight loss, and age are all factors that may cause lax and stretched vulva tissue. This can be a traumatic condition that affects your self esteem.

Luckily, we provide a non-invasive solution that can definitely help resolve the problem and restore the vulva tissue.

We use ReVive, a safe and non-surgical treatment that helps tighten skin tissue folds and restore labial laxity through a painless and effective procedure. This is done by restoring the flexibility and thickness of your skin’s dermis. Best of all, there is no downtime. This procedure is a state of the art treatment with little to no recovery time involved.

After treatment, patients are at minimal risk of infection or scarring. Additionally, the treatment has extremely natural-looking results. The quick, painless and affordable procedure is suitable for all skin types. ReVive is a treatment that does not require any anesthesia because the procedure is non-surgical. Most treatment sessions take less than an hour to complete and daily routines can commence immediately after.