Pigmentation is caused by high levels of melanocytes which are the cells that produce skin tone. Various pigment conditions can appear almost anywhere on the body and just like most blemishes such as saggy skin and fine lines, they can also have at toll on your self-esteem and self- confidence. Skin pigmentation affects the overall skin tone and is often seen in older patients, although anyone can develop it in some way or another. The good news is that pigmentation is treatable using advanced technology.

Treatment of Skin Pigmentation

Pigmentation appears as lesions or discoloring of certain areas. All affected areas can be treated using laser resurfacing and RF technology. The main target of the treatment is the higher concentration of melanocytes. During the treatment procedure, the laser is directed at the pigmented lesion. It then absorbs the light to generate a localized burn on the targeted area. In the days following the treatment, the outer layer of skin from the targeted area peels away. This results in an even skin tone.

Our combined laser resurfacing and RF technologies are amazing when it comes to results obtained from treating any type of skin pigmentation condition.