About Us

At Capri Aesthetics, we believe in serving our community for the better which means offering only the best anti-aging health care. Our Medical spa treats a wide range of conditions that affect our patients. We are dedicated to improving their self esteem and quality of life through clinically proven treatments that reduce, restore and renew hair growth, skin cells, skin pigmentation and more.

Whether the condition affects our patient’s hair; face or body, we implement a customized treatment process which is relevant and effective to the exact nature of the condition. We pride ourselves on using non-invasive, non-surgical, painless and affordable treatments that show real results.

Each patient undergoes a consultation where our professional and supportive staff evaluate the condition, its cause and its severity. This comprehensive evaluation process allows our staff to determine the best course of treatment.

Every single condition and every single patient is different which is why we make sure that each course of treatment that we recommend is customized to suit the exact individuals needs. We don’t discriminate and we aim to give each and every patient the best possible care that is convenient and affordable. We fully understand the suffering of each patient and diligently work to provide comfort and real results that leave them feeling and looking good.

In most cases, our patients simply pop in for a short treatment process and get back to their daily lives without any interference or recovery time. We aim to give patients the fastest treatment options without compromising the results. Each treatment session is only a short amount of time and while results can be seen immediately after the first session, overall treatment may require multiple sessions. Either way, our patients are guaranteed successful results after receiving the best treatment options available.

Capri Aesthetics is directed by a board of certified physicians who ensure that all of our staff members give nothing but the best health care. No treatment we offer is less than clinically proven to yield the most effective results in the most affordable and convenient manner. Patients satisfaction is guaranteed with any of our treatments.